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Friday, May 22, 2009

Habapotle Nirvana Salsa


Habapotle Nirvana Salsa

Haba-what? Habapotle, OK you have heard of a Chipotle, right? A smoke dried Jalapeno? Well, this is a smoke dried Habanero, one of the world hottest chiles. As far as I know I am the only person in the world that produces Habapotles because I created the process. I am trying to make a market for them, but these things are really, really hot, and not many people can stand them. For a normal heat level in a pot of beans you would add one of these Habapotles. This salsa is super extra crazy hot. It has 10 Jalapenos, 5 Habaneros, and 5 Habapotles. There is enough heat in this salsa to blow up a small island...

Nirvana, well we generally know what that means. In this context it means the intense endorphin rush you get when you think your head is going to catch on fire after eating this salsa. I often say it is like having a star in your mouth...

These are Habapotles in process...


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Habapotle Nirvana Salsa 10/06/2007
Michael Wriston CID+
Black Dog Engineering
The New Barbarian Style Cookbook

Habapotle Nirvana Salsa
1x14 oz. Can whole tomatoes
1x10 oz. Can tomato sauce
10 Pounds of homegrown tomatoes diced
1 Large white onion diced
10 cloves of garlic finely chopped
15 fresh jalapenos rough diced
5 fresh habaneros finely chopped
5 dried habapotles ground
Juice of 2 large lemons
Sea salt to your taste
Place the whole tomatoes from the can in the food processor and puree them. Dump them in a stock pot over medium low heat (~25% power). Pour the tomato sauce in the stock pot. Dice the white onion and add it to the stock pot. Whenever you add something new to the stock pot stir it well. Take the garlic and the fresh habaneros and put them in the food processor. Process them until they are very fine. Add the garlic and habanero mash to the stockpot. Place the dried habapotles into a spice grinder and pulverize them into a power. Add the habapotle powder to the stock pot. Dice the jalapenos a few at a time and add them to the stock pot. Next dice the tomatoes and add them to the stock pot, one or two at a time. Once you have all the ingredients in the stock pot you will have a substantial amount of salsa. You will need to preserve this salsa
because you will probably not be able to eat this much salsa before it expires. I always have a stock of one pint canning jars on hand, just for this purpose. Let the salsa come up to a simmer and let it simmer for 15 minutes. Now is the time to taste the salsa and add salt. Do not underestimate the salt. It is absolutely essential to making your salsa taste right. Your canning jars should be sterilized as well as any tools that are used to handle the salsa going from the stock pot to the jars. Use a ladle or a large spoon to transfer the salsa from the stock pot into the jars. Fill each jar to ½ inch from the top. The airspace is essential for creating the vacuum inside the jar when the jars are done processing. As soon as the jar is filled place the lid on the jar and screw down the band to hold the lids in place. Continue filling the jars until the salsa in the stock pot is used up. If there is a partial jar leftover don’t process it in the canning process, just refrigerate it. Normally a canning process would use a boiling water bath on the stove to process the jars. I use the dishwasher to do this. My dishwasher has an extra hot setting which brings the temperature of the water close to boiling, which is lower than the boiling water bath, but the dishwasher will hold it at that temperature longer. So dishwasher processing is equivalent to boiling water bath processing. For boiling water bath processing allow the jars to process for 25 to 35 minutes. For dishwasher processing place the jars on the bottom shelf of the dishwasher and run the washer for the full cycle. It’s OK to use soap and wash your dishes at the same time, the bottles are already sealed. Note to self: I may need to change this page to only include the boiling water bath
method of canning and not include the dishwasher method. The boiling water method is acceptable to the USFDA. While the dishwasher method is not acknowledged at all.

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  1. Iz quite surprised to find this recipe on the web...


    1. Z. Monkey, you were in with us at whitebuffalocalfwoman.ning which no longer exists. They wanted money. And we don't operate this way. We are part of the give-a-way. If you like you can join us at or join us on the hoops at You did share with us and we did share with the world. Thanks as well. Your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman, elder crystal child,, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

  2. Thank you for your gracious response. I have stoking the fires in Hell. I went to the Firey Foods Festival, Zestfest, and sampled Death Nectar, and Black Mamba Sauce...

    6.1 Million Scovilles is quite invigorating...

    Happy Chinese New Year...


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